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Enjoy a multifaceted fitness experience with Yoga Mix offering bespoke personal training, yoga, Pilates & remedial therapy within a friendly training environment in Edinburgh and online. Exercise accessible to all no matter your starting point.  

John &


Founded Yoga Mix in 2013 to help people improve their quality of fitness and lifestyle with a practical application using scientific principles to achieve results from sports performance & body transformations to general health & fitness. We have the passion, imagination, skill and experience to help you get the best outcome when coming to us to help reach your fitness aspirations. 

Meet The Team

What People Say

"I tried to take up running and kept getting pain in my knees which was diagnosed as arthritis.  I decided to find a personal trainer and work on my fitness levels and that's when I began working one to one with John Campbell.  He is an amazing trainer. He takes time to work out what you want and what methods work best for you... he really does tailor everything to your level.


My fitness has improved beyond my expectations because John has helped me realise, I can do so much more than I EVER thought I could. But the most staggering thing John has done for me is helped me become a runner and cyclist.  I have now finished 2x10k runs (one on Glencoe!), I run every week and cycled 45 miles in the Big Pedal.  My knees are great! No pain.  His knowledge about the workings of the human body is second to none which means if you are feeling a bit worn, he can provide the perfect therapy to fix you.  John has basically changed my life for the better and I could not recommend him highly enough."


—  Lesley Sorridimi

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