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  • Amanda Campbell

Yoga, A Staple In Any Training Regime

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Three of the biggest sporting events have captured the world's attention over the last month - Fifa World Cup, Wimbledon & Tour de France. So how do these professional athletes prepare for the world stage? Well according to Bradley Wiggins, the German national football team and even Andy Murray by adding yoga to their training regime.

Bends with benefits: Yoga for cyclists by Parisa Roohipour writes "Professional sport is embracing yoga as more than stretching and relaxing. Athletes are turning to yoga to help shorten recovery time between games, speed up healing after injury and boost stamina.”

Fifa World Cup champions, Germany, have accredited yoga in helping them raise their level of play. An official explains, “We have had yoga among our players before the start of the 2006 Fifa World Cup, and it is meant to help our players relax and keep their focus.”

Andy Murray credited his decision to practice yoga for much of his improved performance saying it has transformed him physically and mentally, helping him compete at the highest levels. “I’m pretty flexible for a tennis player. (Yoga) has helped a lot with my fitness and mental strength”.

If professional athletes use yoga to improve their performance, then why can’t the rest of us? Yoga for Conditioning aimed at people looking to maintain or improve performance will help give you the strength, flexibility, power and stamina in a wide variety of sports. Classes run four times a week at Ronde Bicycle Outfitters in Stockbridge. Click on the link below to see our schedule.

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