Corporate Yoga & wellness is being embraced more and more by businesses around the globe. Companies are learning to offer wellness programs to their employees to maintain physical and mental health, keep stress levels to a minimum, and productivity levels to a maximum.


Uniquely we can provide all mats and equipment and classes can be any length, any time of day, at your office.

Cost -

£60 per class

Private sessions are a great way to begin, build, or re-ignite your fitness practice. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and interests which will allow you to take your fitness to a whole new level.

We specialise in

- Cycling / bike fit

- Running 

- Reformer Pilates / Mat Pilates 

- Skiing

- Resistance Training

- Yoga / Pregnancy Yoga


Private sessions can be held at your home or at our venue.

Cost -

£45 per single session or 

£200 for 5 private classes

We love an event and have teamed up with a variety of charities, festivals, sports   organisations and private clients to bring yoga to their special day.


We can provide all mats and equipment with classes being any length of time and at your venue.

Previous Events have included -


Hen Parties

Birthday Weekend Celebrations

Cool down after sports event

Charity gatherings

Park Yoga

Yoga Retreats

Please enquire for prices

Remedial Therapy uses a range of massage, remedial exercise and advanced soft tissue techniques set within a framework of assessment and rehabilitation procedures. As well as dealing effectively with a variety of musculoskeletal problems this can also be used to help in recovery and reduce the symptoms in many medical conditions.


A combination of manual therapy, Yoga, Pilates and remedial exercise is used to get to and cure the underlying problems of muscular imbalance.  insuring that you have the strength to support an active, healthy & balanced body.

Cost -

£45 per single session or 

£200 for 5 sessions

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